Simplifying business intelligence

When you think business intelligence, you likely think about charts and graphs that reveal valuable data about your customers, profits, and operations. While these may be simple enough for some to understand, what if you could simplify your data even more? A new innovation in the business intelligence world may have just made this a […]

Business Budgeting Software: How to Move from Resolution to Reality

New Year’s is the perfect time to reflect on 2015 and think about what you’d like to see happen in 2016. What activities and processes at your company take up the most time? Are they in line with the value you’re getting from them? If not, it’s time to take a look and see how you can maximize your ROI.

We’ll always have the ‘next thing’ in the hopper.

Understanding Google Analytics

Understanding how your visitors are using your website is one of the most important things you can do to optimize your online presence and generate more leads and revenue. Google Analytics remains the top analytic tool, allowing you to keep track. Yet many companies tend to focus on the overall performance without taking the time […]

But, Does Your Visual Analytics Export to Excel?

A consulting colleague and I were discussing the failure of a software that advertises its strengths in Visual Analytics. He said a customer that had bought one such product had effectively wasted $50,000.

Will it export to Excel?
His customer ultimately had a question about the visual analytics software–“Will it export to Excel?” The software, regrettably, does not export to Excel.

Tips for smart BI planning

You have finally decided your small or medium-sized business is ready to utilize Business Intelligence (BI) software. This is a big step for your company and one that must be approached with diligence. If you are not careful the cost of BI software, not to mention training, could far outweigh the actual benefits you end […]

Does My Business Need Software?

Why do I need software?
Software can do many amazing things for your business. There are numerous reasons to use software but some that I believe are important are:

software shows up for work every day
software doesn’t make mistakes: it does what it is told every time and does it the same way every time
software is cheaper than employees for doing mundane repetitive tasks.