Field Service Management

Powerful Tools for Field Service Management Companies

Netdispatcher is a web-based solution that is a best fit for companies having challenges in managing their mobile workforce efficiently. NetDispatcher is a powerful solution, that enables an efficient management of jobs, business processes and the mobile personnel involved.

We understand Field Service Management and therefore continuously develop our products to be more efficient, easy to use, obtain high level of automation, offer mission critical KPI:s – and affordable for many areas of businesses.

NetDispatcher can be used through on online web interface and is always zero installation, low startup costs and easy to use with mobile access to all functions. Connect anywhere with an Internet access capable desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Our solution runs on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model with cloud computing, which means low startup costs as well as easy access. Let us show you how NetDispatcher can automate your existing processes.

Access with any desktop or mobile device with internet access.

User friendly and easy integration to 3rd party systems.

A worry fee solution with secure and reliable with automatic backup systems.

With the right dispatching software you can save time and money as you manage your field service team in real time. Improve response time and customer satisfaction. Save on travel time and down time with this fully integrated dispatching management software.

Work Order Management, Scheduling and Dispatching

A full featured set of dispatching tools makes managing field personnel more efficient!

NetDispatcher offers your management and dispatch personnel full ability to efficiently
create, manage and dispatch jobs to mobile field service personnel.

Makes everything paperless, real time and error free.

Unnecessary repetitive work is eliminated and planning for future as well as reacting is easier.

Plan ahead with intuitive drag and drop scheduling and still retain the ability to react to changes. Automate and go paperless!

Intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling makes it easy to schedule service job requests based on employee availability. Field and mobile workers are notified of new appointments. No more phone calls to check on employee availability or to schedule work.

Real time dispatching to any Internet capable mobile device enables two way communication with field personnel and saves time at both ends.

Schedule Recurring Jobs

Create a series of jobs, easily tracking recurring monthly or annual appointments. Schedule future appointments or simply follow-up with your previous customers

Work Order Management and Job Tracking Software

Improve Service Call Response Times

View customers and your team on a map. GPS tracking allows you to fine-tune arrival times and help technicians get more done in less time. Your field staff will use mobile phones or tablets to keep in touch and update customer records. Improve response times and reduce payroll.

Forget additional phone calls, and no more paper-based assignments. Enable employees to receive their job assignments right on their devices. Jobs can be quickly and easily created by defining the location, steps and forms required to complete. All that information is then instantly transferred to your worker’s mobile device so they have all the information needed to get the job done.

Digitize your order process and go paperless.

Customer self service allows you to let your customers create follow and review jobs and orders on the fly.

Manage orders and automate manual processes with service agreements.

Use inventory items and equipment registries to fill and price the orders plus dispatch to your mobile workforce.

Job Management

Access Customer Records From the Field

With NetDispatcher, you and your field staff can quickly access customer records for driving directions, job status, history and notes. Tailor the software to your business needs. View the dispatch schedule for the day, week or month. Then with drag and drop scheduling, reassign staff, dispatching to cover no-shows, cancellations and emergencies.

Time Management and Expense Management for Service Jobs

Automated Easiness!

Manage employee time tracking, expense reports and miles.

Everything that is needed for employee time tracking and expense management. Allowing you to control and plan expenses.

You can also utilize GPS tracking to verify and track costs such as mileage.

Sales and Client Management for Service Companies


“The Closer” is brand new task management and sales tool to automate your sales pipeline. Clear and efficient sales process management with precision. Forecast your sales results and manage tasks from your computer or mobile device. Automate your outbound calling and sales campaigns, when inbound call volume is low to maximize efficiency and staff potential.

Manage your leads and opportunities then turn them into clients.

Client management tools

Manage all of your customers and contacts.

See all service agreements for each client.

Immediate access to all jobs for each client.

View all client sites and assets

Billing Made Easy

Create invoices efficiently from completed tasks finished at the field. Save time with automated billing procedures and pricing. Finished jobs are invoiced with a one click and accounts receivables plus report center keeps business vital information always at hand. The billing section is easily integrated to your accounting system and has multiple interfaces to third party solutions. Contact Us for more information.

Mobile Workforce

Cross platform mobile device support with powerful features. Dispatch tasks to any portable device and go paper free. Choose your mobile devices freely based on your needs for field service personnel. Our service runs on the chosen device with zero installation with powerful features such as GPS, client signatures and touch screens. Everything in real time.

Reporting and KPIs

Powerful Report center offers versatile reporting. Multiple, user editable and printable reports in both PDF and excel. Reporting center will keep up with changing needs. With easy to use ready-made reports you can modify and create powerful reports and keep up to date with mission critical Key Performance Indicators.