Clarity Employee Self Service


Clarity Employer & Manager Self Service module, known as “ESS”, enables managers & employees to access and obtain information they need, interact where necessary and approve any processes. This ability to maintain their information will tremendously reduce requests to the HR department and in turn, save your business money.

Key Features:

  • Web-based open enrollment solutions
  • Web-based time-sheets and electronic supervisor approval
  • Employee access to payment history
  • Ability to track time off requests and determine their status at any time
  • Manage personal records and emergency contact information

Complete Integration

Online time sheets are integrated with Clarity Payroll and Clarity Time & Attendance. Enjoy real-time project tracking and analysis of employee activity from any location and complete integration with job costing.

Empower your staff

Empower your employees as they review their own profiles and attendance information including time balances, absence history and planned leave. An employee can modify their personal information. This automatically updates all of the affected modules improving efficiency and accuracy. Managers will have access to this information which enables them to make sound business decisions for your business.

Emergencies can and will happen

Allow your employees to explain their own anomalies to save valuable management time. All subject to supervisor review and authorization.

The right information at your fingertips

By giving you the latest and most detailed expense reports, you will keep a handle on your costs and have the information to make swift corrections where needed.