Accounts Payable – Manage When You Pay. How You Pay.

VersAccounts Accounts Payable feature allows you to easily enter and pay your bills from any cash account or credit card, in any currency. Pay any number of bills with a single payment or pay any combination of line items on a bill.. Take discounts on bills, either when entering them or when you pay them. Define any number of discounts or surcharges, with default fixed or relative adjustments as well as establish and automate pre-defined vendor terms such as payment terms, discounts, general ledger accounts, payment priority and payment dates - you control what and how much gets paid.

Track billed items easily by linking bill items to their related receipts of services, inventory items, or fixed assets. Improve billing tracking for projects by linking bill items to projects and display summaries of expenses incurred on a project-by-project basis.

VersAccounts helps save time and reduce errors by automatically creating vendor specific reverse entries when the vendor invoice varies from the Purchase Order information entered – this is especially helpful when managing and tracking inventoried materials. In addition, VersAccounts enables your organization to track payment reconciliation status to avoid reissuing payment that have cleared that the bank.

Maximize productivity by using the system’s extensive drill-down and drill-around capabilities to track transactions step by step back to their origins. For audit and compliance requirements, VersAccounts provides multi-year history of accounts payable transactions with the default set at 20 years. So you can be sure that if you used VersAccounts to capture the transaction – it will be there 20 years from now!

Cash Management - Cash Is King.

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