Accounts Receivable – Take Control.

VersAccounts Accounts Receivable capabilities help your organization improve cash flow while enhancing customer service through more effective management of your entire collections process.

As part of VersAccounts Order-To-Cash cycle, the Accounts Receivable feature can speed up and streamline key steps in cash management process ranging from invoice entry to the recording of payments.

VersAccounts provides real-time insight into both your organizations current and aging receivables. Our Accounts Receivable feature was built with an understanding of some of the real challenges in managing accounts receivable. With our Accounts Receivable feature you can receive for any number of invoices, with a single payment, receive for any combination of line items on an invoice or receive payment on any portion of a line item. In addition, reduce rework and reward customers that pay on time or ahead by granting discounts on invoices, either when entering them or when you issue them.

Automated workflows built directly into VersAccounts accounts receivable features allow you to automatically calculates sales taxes, discounts, commissions and due dates, distribute invoice amounts to the appropriate General Ledger account based on the item sold. When applying payments VersAccounts lets you automatically apply cash receipts to open invoices and write off those balances. Cash can be accepted on account, and Balances can be written off.

In addition, managing multiple currencies through VersAccounts accounts receivable feature is simple and automated. Invoices and cash receipts can be processed in their natural currencies, the system is able to automatically accrue unrealized gains and losses on currency exchanges when applying cash receipts to invoices.

The Accounts Receivable feature also allows invoices and payments to be processed in batches or real time based on the organizations requirements. Invoice or memo numbers can be assigned automatically or manually and unapplied payments, credit limits, and past-due amounts can be detected and remedied quickly. Invoices can be generated in PDF or HTML format, with embedded PayPal and other payment links.

Offering your customers the optimal experience is easy with VersAccounts. VersAccounts allows you to maintain complete online customer account information for quick and easy access through any device. In addition, sales activity can be tracked by agent, product, & channel and commissions computed and distributed easily. Utilize VersAccounts to establish and manage various types of commission structures including flat rate, recurring, percentage and split commission payments.

With VersAccount’s accounts receivable feature there is no limit to how long you can keep track of transaction details PLUS lock down and archive complete customer transaction histories for future audit and reconciliation purposes. Remove the risk of users deleting or editing paid invoices and assign accounts receivable duties to different employees or to different roles by taking advantage of VersAccounts secure rights management feature which sets access rights by data and process.

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