Global Capabilities – Big Growth. Small Costs.

Your ERP system should support your global growth and not limit it.

VersAccounts provides the support you need to build and operate a global business. This includes the ability to define multiple business entities, which can be subsidiaries, branches, departments, or regions and have them report against a common chart of general ledger accounts.

Need one view of all your finances in one common currency? VersAccounts automatically converts customer and vendor transactions from their local currencies into the currency of your choice for ease of reporting. In addition, one click consolidation helps you simplify your account closing process by automating the financial consolidation across multiple subsidiaries, company locations or departments.

You can get reports for each business entity in your firm’s home currency, while conducting all business transactions in the local currency convenient to each business entity.

Create a report once and then use it for either an entity-specific or a consolidated view of your company’s performance.

And because we are in the cloud, there is no need to install, operate, and manage multiple remotely located accounting systems. Nor do you have to ship files from these systems back and forth. Managing your global growth from one centralized accounting and ERP solution is easy.

Multi-Currency – Because Money Is Nice.

VersAccounts’ Multi-Currency capability supports all world currencies. Use an unlimited number of currencies to support a home currency for your company plus as many local currencies as you need for foreign transactions. So you can handle cash receipts, invoices and credit memos all in different currencies. VersAccounts even has the advanced ability to reconcile any number of currencies and post realized gains or losses based on currency fluctuation.

Multi-Lingual – Localized. Empowered

VersAccounts’ multi-lingual features allows your global team to work collaboratively in their own native language. Team members in China, India and New York can work in the language of their choice while still working on a common set of financial data.

Multiple Business Entities – Expand Your Business. Consolidate Your Results

Manage multiple business entities with one solution and for one price. No need for multiple local installations of an on-premise accounting system and the cost of multiple licenses. VersAccount’s support for multiple business entities simplifies and reduces the effort required to grow your business.

Add-Ons – Playing Nice In the Sand Box.

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