Integrations – When It Needs To All Work. Together.

VersAccounts cloud accounting and ERP solution already provides advanced features to our customers “out-of-the-box”, so to speak.
But we understand that it takes more than just a powerful accounting and ERP solution to make a business run. Organizations may have complex business processes and system requirements that may fall outside the functionality available from VersAccounts. Custom functionality may need to be implemented in the form of new applications that integrate with and operate in conjunction with VersAccounts. And integrations with already deployed on-premise, as well as cloud and mobile offerings may be required.

VersAccounts offers two ways to help make this happen. A powerful REST API, as well as the more traditional file based method of integrating systems.

VersAccounts’ REST API makes tight, real-time, integration with other on-premise and cloud-based systems easy. Using this API, internally developed as well as 3rd party applications can exchange both control signals and data with VersAccounts using simple HTTP methods, in either XML or JSON formats.

File Import/Export
The traditional means of exchanging data between systems using imports and exports of XML or CSV files is also supported by VersAccounts. This approach is best when a looser non-real-time coupling between systems is enough.

Caseware Export
If your accountant requests an electronic copy of your accounting records, you can use VersAccounts to create a text file that can be read by CaseWare. The file that is created through the export process will contain your company information, account information, and journal entries.

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