Inventory Management – Real Time Inventory Insight

Tightly manage your purchasing cycle with real time insight into inventory levels. Streamline and automate inventory reports to provide you with timely access to current and ordered inventory levels so that your business is minimizing unnecessary inventory carrying cost.

The Inventory Control feature empowers your inventory management team to:

  • Track both inventory and non-inventory items in real time to minimize revenue leakage, manage and monitor inventory turnover
  • Build manufacturing kits to meet client needs.
  • See the status of any inventory item, at a glance, with quantities in stock, on purchase orders, and on sales orders.
  • Define multi-level BOMs with assembly notes.
  • Inventory levels can be automatically checked, back orders created,
  • Multiple vendors per inventory item can be tracked along with reorder levels and quantities.
  • Lot tracking and serialized inventory
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • View the history on any part in your inventory: shipment receipts, order shipments, package breaks or consolidations, bill of material (BOM) builds, internal usage, waste, or any other user-specified variance reasons.
  • Maintain multiple approved vendors and related contract pricing for any inventory item.
  • Define units of measure (and conversion factors between them) to suit your business.
  • Keep price lists for selling and purchase pricing.
  • Define prices according to currency, quantity, unit of measure, or supplier.
  • Create invoices, quotations, sales orders, or purchase orders with policy-defined prices.

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