Operations – Safe. Secure. Dependable

The VersAccounts offering has been designed to support your business, securely, in compliance with industry best practices and consistent with regulatory requirements - anytime, anywhere, under any load and in the most trying of circumstances.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the security, performance, reliability, availability and interoperability with existing systems and 3rd party solutions normally found in only the most sophisticated IT departments in the largest global companies.

We are able to do this, on a global scale and at a price that delivers the greatest possible value to our customers, regardless of size, market focus, language or geography, because we are cloud-based, built on the most modern technologies available today supported by the most advanced infrastructure and services providers in the business and most importantly because of the many decades of experience, that our team has in building and operating highly secure and high performing cloud and mobile enterprise solutions including accounting and ERP.

To ensure smooth delivery of accounting and ERP services to our customers the VersAccounts Operations team focuses on a broad range of highly specialized areas including:

  • Security
  • Dependability
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Disaster Recovery

Security - Sleep Better At Night.

At VersAccounts we know security is more than just just encrypted communications, user privileges, and password policies.

To ensure the highest levels of security VersAccounts implements security regimes in all phases of solution delivery, at all levels of the technology stack and across all functional groups and business processes within our organization such as:

  • Application Security - It’s pretty simple actually. Our Applications require full authentication of all user and web services requests in order for anyone or anything to access the application.
  • Data Security - As well as securing our physical data centre, VersAccounts also secures your data at the application level by not allowing any direct database
    access. All database access requests are routed through the business logic of VersAccounts applications. In addition, all sensitive database and backup information is encrypted to ensure that all data is secure and locked away.
  • Roles Based Access - VersAccounts provides security to only grant individual users with the access required by their role.
  • Communications And Network Security - VersAccounts utilizes industry best practices to manage our communications and network security. Some of our best practices include controlled access over secure connections like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) V3 or Transport Layer Security (TLS), perimeter-level defense and network intrusion prevention and regular 3rd party network vulnerability and penetration testing.
  • Data Centre Security - Our cloud accounting and ERP solution uses state-of-the-art Tier IV data centers for primary and secondary service delivery and for backup. These facilities provide advanced, cutting-edge, multi-level physical security at every data center to ensure VersAccounts infrastructure isn’t compromised. This includes on-premise security guards, security systems on the building exterior: cameras, false entrances, vehicle blockades, customized parking lot designs, bulletproof glass/walls and unmarked buildings, biometric systems including palm scanners, numerous security cameras with digital recorders and portals and person-traps that authenticate the entry/exit of only one person at a time.

Our security practices start with the design and architecture of our hardware and software infrastructure. It is then carried through to the design and development of the applications used by our customers, and from there, into the deployment process and day-to-day operations.

Don’t be fooled – security is not just about technology. It’s also about the people that support and enforce the security. Our internal security protocols are guided not just by policy and procedures, but also by experience, principal and culture.

Dependability - Keeping The Lights On. 24x7x365.

Dependability = Reliability X Availability

Everyone talks about “availability” but do they talk about Reliability?

Availability is the probability that the service will be there when you need it. This probability is specified as a percentage. For example a goal of 99.9% uptime means that provider has a goal of making sure that the service is “available” 99.9% of the time

For a service to be useful it must also be highly reliable. Reliability is the guarantee that an available system will correctly process requests from start to finish. However this goal can be compromised even if a system is highly available but fails often for very short durations during those periods of high availability, thus preventing you from completing the tasks at hand.

To address this a second metric becomes important as well. This metric is the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). VersAccounts was designed to offer an MTBF that can be measured in not just days, weeks or months but in years. Plus, even if VersAccounts does fail, we’ve designed the system so that when it recovers, it can recover enough state information to continue operation, in most instances, without data loss.

Providing our customers with a system that is both highly available, as well one that is highly reliable has been the goal at VersAccounts since day one.

So after all that has been said and done – what does it mean? Basically – in non-technical talk, you can depend on VersAccounts 24x7x365, anywhere in the world under any circumstances.

Performance - We’re There. When It Counts.

Performance optimization begins with the datacenters we deploy our solutions from and the hardware and software they use to deliver basic services upon which the VersAccounts solution is delivered. To ensure the best performance at this level VersAccounts uses only Tier IV providers like Amazon Web Services and Rackspace.

Next we focus on architecture and design of the system including the infrastructure the application runs on and the application itself. The focus here is to keep the design as simple and as lightweight as possible. Keeping the design simple also ensures that the application can be easily monitored, tuned and scaled up or down depending on requirements.

Once the application has been deployed, the focus is on monitoring performance and managing it through:

  • User Experience Management: Understanding how our users interact with VersAccounts gives us the ability to build a better product and help our users achieve their goals when using VersAccounts. Whether that is faster task completion, more automation or better work flows, VersAccounts is always monitoring and improving upon the user experience within our application.
  • Infrastructure Tuning: VersAccounts continually manages and monitors our core systems that support our application. This provides us with real-time insights into utilization of computer resources by users, companies and applications. Metrics include the frequency of input/output transactions each server is handling over defined periods of time, the application’s behavior with an increase in demand, and the key statistics related to application scalability with a growth in the number of users. Based on key performance indicators such as frequency of input/output, transactions each server is handling over set periods of time and the applications behavior with an increase in demand, VersAccounts is able to tune the system for optimal performance including moving loads across servers as well as adding additional servers and computing resources in real-time to meet sudden increases in demand in peak traffic scenarios.
  • Application Tuning: VersAccounts actively engages in optimizing application performance by monitoring response times, error rates and other critical application related information to gain timely insight into application level performance bottlenecks.

Scalability – Growth. When You Need It. Anytime.

Scalability refers to the ability of a cloud service to service rapidly growing number of users without impacting performance, cost to customers, or dependability.

Because VersAccounts can be accessed and used simultaneously by tens and even hundreds of thousands of users from across the globe the VersAccounts application as well as the underlying infrastructure that supports it including hardware, operating systems, servers, databases etc. have all been designed to be highly scaleable.

Like security, availability and reliability, the scaleability of a system is impacted by the technologies used to build it as well the design approach taken. In the case of VersAccounts, Scaleability is first and foremost assured by the VersAccount’s team that is made by industry veterans who have many decades of experience building enterprise class cloud offerings. In the second instance Scaleability is assured by the modern technologies used to build the application as well as the infrastructure providers that VersAccounts uses to deliver services.

Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity – Keeping Your Business Moving.

Many of our customers have implemented robust Business Continuity Plans with the goal of keeping all aspects of their business functioning in the midst of disruptive events like natural and/or human induced disaster.

VersAccounts recognizes that it provides an important part of the IT infrastructure for our customers and is committed to supporting their Business Continuity Plans with robust Disaster Recovery Plans of our own. These plans incorporate best practices around Prevention, Detection and Correction of disaster induced outages, picking up where the scope of routine security and dependability practices end.

Key metrics around VersAccounts the Disaster Recovery Plan are a Recovery-Time Objective (RTO) of 2 business days and a Recovery-Point(RPO) Objective of 4 hours. The RTO is the amount of time a VersAccounts customer may be without the service in case of a disaster. It is measured from the time the VersAccounts service becomes unavailable until it is available again.

The RPO on the other hand is measure of the maximum time period (looking back from the time a major outage occurred) for which data that had been entered into the system might be lost. The VersAccounts system has been designed to keep this to the minimum possible at the same time ensuring that services can be delivered at an affordable price.

To meet these Disaster Recovery goals VersAccounts replicates its production services delivery environment to a mirror site that is used for Disaster Recovery. In the event of a major event impacting the VersAccounts production environment – where the interruption is estimated to be greater than a predefined duration – VersAccounts executes its Disaster Recovery Plan activating the mirrored site and bringing up services on them till the production infrastructure can be restored.

Have more questions about Operations? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss any security questions or concerns you may have with VersAccounts.

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