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Manage your Quote-To-Cash process more efficiently and improve customer satisfaction while reducing revenue leakage with VersAccounts integrated Order-To-Cash capabilities.

Starting from quote to order fulfillment to payment, VersAccounts Quote-To-Cash process allows you to manage the entire flow within one easy to use, integrated solution including:

  • Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Shipment
  • Returns Processing
  • Invoicing
  • AR
  • Receiving Payment
  • Cash Application
  • Deductions (If invoice Short Paid by Customer)

Among its many other features, VersAccounts also offers a full suite of integrated logistics functions that easily manage all aspects of receiving materials, returning goods, and shipping finished goods.

Quotes - Efficient Selling. Smart Selling.

Quote management within VersAccounts enables you to send, manage and track branded quotes, sales order confirmations, and Purchase Orders. In addition to the basic quote features offered by everyone, VersAccounts also provides you with advanced quote management features such as:

  • Roll quotations into sales orders,
  • Link any purchase or sales order item to a project and instantly view expected expenses and revenues on project-by-project basis.
  • Define any number of statuses for quotations.
  • Create new quotes from existing quotes.
  • Pick prices automatically.
  • Calculate delivery dates based on quoted lead times and order dates
  • Email links to your customers and suppliers, so they can download PDF documents from our servers in complete security.
  • Group quotes according to user-specific categories such as Open/Pending/Wins etc.
  • Eliminate time consuming searches for support documentation. Support documents, such as drawings, can be uploaded and attached to quotes (or Invoices, Bills, Orders etc) for easy retrieval..

Your sales team should be out selling and not spending their time doing data entry! With VersAccounts’ online accounting system, your sales team can create quotes on the road and have them sent to prospects via email in minutes.

No internet connection? No problem. VersAccounts has the ability for your sales team to write up quotations on the road, then upload them in batches via spreadsheet.

Sales Order Management – More Selling. Less Data Entry.

VersAccount’s integrated real time sales order management feature allows you to automate and improve the sales order management process by providing you with real time updates on available inventory, automation of time consuming activities related to conversion of quotes to sales orders, Quotes from quotes, Sales order to invoice, Sales Order to Purchase Order as well as invoicing all shipped items. The sales order management feature even allows you to define pricing structures by customer type, currency, quantity, unit-of-measure, location and currency type.

Additional features include streamlined order entry for inside sales and customer service staff. This powerful order entry screen allows employees to view item catalogs, details, descriptions, and even, as they enter orders—speeding the order entry process. Intuitive tree navigation and quick entry features also can maximize productivity and because it is fully integrated into VersAccount, product and consumer specific-pricing are made available as the sales staff enter the orders. Quickly create new quotes from previously create quotes and provide customer service with the ability to really service your customers by given them the ability to track a transaction, step-by-step, back to its original source.

Inventory item availability, pricing, lots, serial numbers, quantity pricing, specific customer pricing, costs, and customer credit limits can be easily tracked.

VersAccounts Sales Order management features provides you with the ability to manage your clients and client credentials from one centralized system. Advanced features include:

  • Establish and assign trade discounts, payment term discounts, and credit limits for each customer.
  • Check customer credit limits during Sales Order Entry and set limits for automatic release of orders from hold when credit picture changes.
  • Set custom fields for the sales orders and sales order lines. Sales tax classes, codes, and schedules can be easily setup.
  • Create multiple sales commission plans.
  • Kits can be organized to operate like regular items, then exploded when generating pick lists and invoices
  • Item or customer specific information can be established at the sale order document and line levels, including shipping information, drop shipment requirements, commissions, account numbers, vital order dates, sales tax, and trade discount percentages.
  • Leverage the multicurrency capabilities of the to define default currencies for specific companies or warehouses.
  • Create multi-part shipments, with individual packing lists for each box and accurate, easy-to-validate invoices for entire shipments
  • If the items sold are all from a common vendor, Sales Orders can be converted directly to corresponding Purchase Orders

Optimize revenue opportunities by setting custom pricing structure that can be customized by customer type, currency, quantity, unit-of-measure or location. Implement and manage in real time sophisticated pricing models including contract pricing, price breaks based on quantity, effective and expiration dates and sales promotions. In addition, pricing policies can be downloaded to a spreadsheet, adjusted and then re-uploaded, making large scale policy management changes efficient and secure.

Integration with Inventory Management functions in the system takes the guesswork out of maintaining appropriate inventory levels, giving users critical data to help ensure that they have sufficient inventory to satisfy customers’ expectations, while stocking the precise amount of each item to maximize profits and cash flow.

Accounts Receivable – Take Control

VersAccounts Accounts Receivable capabilities help your organization improve cash flow while enhancing customer service through more effective management of your entire collections process.

As part of VersAccounts Order-To-Cash cycle, the Accounts Receivable feature can speed up and streamline key steps in cash management process ranging from invoice entry to the recording of payments.
VersAccounts provides real-time insight into both your organizations current and aging receivables. Our Accounts Receivable feature was built with an understanding of some of the real challenges in managing accounts receivable. With our Accounts Receivable feature you can receive for any number of invoices, with a single payment, receive for any combination of line items on an invoice or receive payment on any portion of a line item. In addition, reduce rework and reward customers that pay on time or ahead by granting discounts on invoices, either when entering them or when you issue them.

Automated workflows built directly into VersAccounts accounts receivable features allow you to automatically calculates sales taxes, discounts, commissions and due dates, distribute invoice amounts to the appropriate General Ledger account based on the item sold. When applying payments VersAccounts lets you automatically apply cash receipts to open invoices and write off those balances. Cash can be accepted on account, and Balances can be written off.

In addition, managing multiple currencies through VersAccounts accounts receivable feature is simple and automated. Invoices and cash receipts can be processed in their natural currencies, the system is able to automatically accrue unrealized gains and losses on currency exchanges when applying cash receipts to invoices .

The Accounts Receivable feature also allows invoices and payments to be processed in batches or real time based on the organizations requirements. Invoice or memo numbers can be assigned automatically or manually and unapplied payments, credit limits, and past-due amounts can be detected and remedied quickly. Invoices can be generated in PDF or HTML format, with embedded PayPal and other payment links.

Offering your customers the optimal experience is easy with VersAccounts. VersAccounts allows you to maintain complete online customer account information for quick and easy access through any device. In addition, sales activity can be tracked by agent, product, & channel and commissions computed and distributed easily. Utilize VersAccounts to establish and manage various types of commission structures including flat rate, recurring, percentage and split commission payments.

With VersAccount’s accounts receivable feature there is no limit to how long you can keep track of transaction details PLUS lock down and archive complete customer transaction histories for future audit and reconciliation purposes. Remove the risk of users deleting or editing paid invoices and assign accounts receivable duties to different employees or to different roles by taking advantage of VersAccounts secure rights management feature which sets access rights by data and process

Sales/Use Tax – Multiple Taxes. One Solution.

Streamline the complex and time consuming process of managing single or multiple sales and usage tax requirements at the product, local, regional, state/province and or country level. Limit audit and compliance exposure by automating the end-to-end sales tax process. With VersAccounts, you can define any number, type and structure of taxes and specify applicable tax rates and effective dates. Tax rates are then automatically chosen based on the effective date of a bill or invoice.

Sales Agent Performance – Who’s Hot. Who’s Not.

Gain insight into the performance of your sales team with VersAccount’s Sales Agent Performance Reporting tool.

Capture Sales Agent activity across multiple periods and multiple product lines and assign multiple commissions structures based on different types of goals and quantities.
Drill down into sales agent activities to drive additional insight into sales performance. Drive additional insight into aggregate sales activities by grouping sales agents into different type of sales groups and product types in order to identify the best mix of sales, product and price. In addition, report on sales commissions by product for a sales agent by period.

Inventory Management – Real Time Inventory Insight

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