Why Choose Cloud?

There are several reasons why customers choose a VersAccounts solution. Price is one of them. Functionality is another. Service is a reason they stick with VersAccounts.

Ask longtime VersAccounts customers why they selected VersAccounts and why they have continued working with the VersAccounts system and you will hear a variety of additional reasons. Here are some of them


Most traditional ERP systems were built in the 1980s using technologies and approaches that were current then. This included Client-Server, non-SQL Databases, Proprietary vendor specific Languages and Tools, and the Waterfall Process for product development.

Over time, as these technologies and approaches have aged and built decades of technical debt, the cost of maintaining and updating products built in that era has grown exponentially. The result has been fewer new capabilities in each release, longer response times to meeting customer needs, and higher prices. On the other hand, unlike its legacy ERP competitors, VersAccounts was built within the last 5 years using the latest technologies, tools, and product development techniques available today. These included Cloud Computing, Open Source, Agile, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integrations and a whole lot more.

This has made the VersAccounts ERP product much easier to develop than its legacy competitors, as well as faster and cheaper to enhance, while at the same time delivering capabilities that are much more advanced.

Making it possible to deliver a modern full function ERP system at the price of entry-level Accounting.

Predictable Costs

Early customers told VersAccounts that knowing what their IT costs were going to be every month, month after month was important to them. So VersAccounts charges a nominal fixed monthly subscription fee that does not change with usage.

Unlimited Users and Modules

Some ERP vendors charge by the user. Others charge depending on the modules you use. Some charge for both. Tomato/Tomato. Any way you look at it you are penalized for growing your business. Not with VersAccounts.

The VersAccounts Unlimited User Plans offer customers freedom from the traditional “growth tax” that legacy ERP vendors have imposed on customers for decades. With VersAccounts ERP use whatever modules you want. Add any number of users. There is never an extra charge.

Fixed Price Implementation

Not only will VersAccounts ERP liberate you from the tyranny of the traditional legacy ERP vendors “growth tax”, it will also save you from those time and materials based project implementation fees that seem to grow and grow and grow. Instead with VersAccounts ERP, implementation is included as part of a fixed Initial fee that you pay when you start your subscription. And that is all there is to it.

24x7x365 Support

No other ERP vendor offers 24x7x365 support at any price. Not only does VersAccounts offer 24x7x365 support, there is no additional charge for it.

100% Mobile

Because VersAccounts represents a new generation of ERP, developed in this century, using modern tools and technologies, 100% of its functionality is accessible on any device including mobile tablets, and smartphones, anytime and anywhere.

Open Standards based REST API

Extensibility and openness have been key goals of VersAccounts designers. So VersAccounts has been created with a robust REST interface that allows real-time access and integration with other applications, whether these applications are third party offerings like Avalara, Concur or Salesforce, or a custom web or mobile application that you or a VersAccounts Partner has developed.

REST is another example of how VersAccounts is different from the legacy applications that traditional ERP vendors are selling today. Legacy applications use proprietary interfaces and outdated Software Development Kits (SDK) that are hard to use and offer limited functionality.

The SDK approach is 30 years old. Today REST is the only way to go. It is a global standard and it is “open” allowing any application to be easily interfaced with VersAccounts, without requiring VersAccounts' help or permission.

Full Database Access

This is another area where VersAccounts ERP differentiates itself. Unlike other ERP vendors, VersAccounts provides full read/write access to most database tables. But providing this access is not enough. The database must be documented and the documentation must be easily available to customers and partners. With VersAccounts it is.

So customers and partners alike can create sophisticated applications and reports that can be used in conjunction with the core VersAccounts system to help you run your business.

Full Database Export

Other Cloud ERP vendors just provide a .CSV export of customer data. Under most conditions this is of little or no use as the relationships between data elements is lost. Further, there is usually no documentation as to what most of the exported fields are. So, VersAccounts provides customers with the option of receiving a copy of their entire SQL database on a periodic basis. Because the database structure is well documented the database copy can serve as a local backup of data as well as local data warehouse against which reports and analytics can be executed locally.

Iceberg Option (Eliminates Vendor Lock-In)

Vendor lock-in is one of the biggest concerns a customer has when adopting a cloud solution. To address this concern VersAccounts offers two solutions.

As previously mentioned, the first facility is the ability of customers to export their all their data to a well documented SQL database. This allows the customer to walk away from VersAccounts at any time with a complete and usable copy of their data.

The second facility is the Iceberg Option. Besides exporting their data and taking it with them, the Iceberg Option allows customers, who terminate their regular subscription service with VersAccounts, to leave their account in a frozen or dormant state with read only access to the account for as long as they wish.

Simple & Powerful at the Same Time

VersAccounts provides its customers with the kind of deep functionality that they should expect from a sophisticated mid-tier ERP solution. Yet the system is easy to learn and easy to use.

That is because unlike traditional legacy products that were created in the early and mid- 1980’s VersAccounts was created in the 21st century. Within the last decade. As a result it incorporates the latest research, and technologies on how business systems should be built, capabilities that they should include, as well as how human computer interaction should be supported by the system.

The result is a full-featured ERP system that is powerful enough to be used by large global companies, yet easy and affordable enough for local and regional businesses to learn, implement, and use as well.

Room to Grow

In the past businesses started with entry-level accounting solutions. They usually outgrew these solutions in a few years. Typically when they needed more than 5-10 users on the system. These solutions cost $500-$1500 per year.

The next step up was the Quantum or Enterprise versions of these products. These supported 10-20 users and even 30 at a stretch. They cost between $8,000-$10,000 a year. Besides supporting more users these systems also had some more functionality like rudimentary Inventory Management etc. That was when companies usually hit a roadblock.

If a customer needed an accounting system that supported more than 25-30 users or more functionality, the only option was mid-tier ERP. But these systems cost $50,000 – $100,00+ per year, something most small businesses could not afford. So they made do with what they had – entry level accounting solutions, spreadsheets and email.

This is the problem VersAccounts was designed to address. Once a customer implements VersAccounts, they will have the functionality they need to grow their business for years. With no limits on how many users they can add or the functionality they can use they will never ever need to migrate to another system.

Open Standards Based Customization

Unlike legacy ERP solutions that provide proprietary tools and limited means of customizing forms and reports, VersAccounts customization is based on HTML which affords the maximum possible flexibility in terms of the kinds of customizations that can be achieved

Use any design tool you like to design a form or report, then use it in VersAccounts. It is that simple.

There are no limits. Your forms and reports can include anything that can be included in a regular HTML based document, including graphics and rich media.

Want to make the reports and forms “Responsive” so that they can be viewed on a tablet or smartphone. No problem. With VersAccounts that is automatic.

By adopting VersAccounts, customers can finally be freed from the constraints of 30 year old legacy technology and limitations they impose on what businesses can do, finally allowing them to leverage the power that the openness and flexibility of a modern ERP system like VersAccounts affords.

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